The Authors

Federica Annibali,
graduated in Ancient Letters (Archaeology), she works in RAI in the structure for the Jubilee as programmer director.
Carlo Cianetti,
graduated in Philosophy, journalist professional works as journalist near Rai TSP.
Mauro Balani,
graduated in Sciences Economic and Banking, manager logistics and human resources Tuscan CRAI.
Giuseppe Bambini,
guide regional excursionist, teacher of electronics near the ITIS of Perugia, has published in Holland the guide "Wandelen in Umbria" and in Italy "Umbria for roads and paths."
Gino Bulla,
ordinary of sociology, University in Padova; he collaborates to the Corriere della Sera to the Gazzettino and the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno; he writes books of sociology and novels.
Pier Maurizio Della Porta,
works near the Archivio di Stato di Perugia as archivist. he has published various musical essay and he is co-author of the guide "Assisi, history and art."
Francesco Frascarelli,
researcher near the department of Historical Sciences of the university of Perugia, author of essay and publications, journalist publicist.

Carla Gambacorta,
graduated in Letters, doctor of research in Philology Romances, currently titular of job of research near the Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia and guardian of classroom of Italian Linguistics near the Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia.

Francesco Lampone,
graduated in Jurisprudence and Political Sciences, he works near the legal office of the Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia.
Elvio Lunghi,
graduated in letters, he is teacher of history of the art near the Universitą per Stranieri di Perugia He has published numerous essay and scientific magazines on the Umbria art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Paola Mercurelli Salari,
graduated in Letters, scholarship near the Foundation of Studies of Robero Longhi in Firenze. She teaches History of the art to the classical high school of Cittą di Castello. She has published different essays of historical-artistic matter. 
Paolo Mirti,
graduated in Jurisprudence, journalist publicist works what executive of the sector culture near the Commune of Senigallia. 
Enrico Sciamanna,
graduated in Letters, teaches History of the art near the classical High school in Assisi.