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The sauce sapa is a condensed must of grape, gotten making to boil the must, to very low fire, for a lot of times in a copper container. Cooled for a long time once him preserve in closed bottle and to the coolness. You used as natural sweetener but it also finds numerous uses in various recipes. It is not easy to find it in commerce.

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Fegatini of chicken to the sage and Sapa:

ingredients: fegatini g. 400, butter g. 50. sage to leaves, Sapa 3 spoons, salt and pepper. To loosen the butter in a frying pan, to add the leaves of sage and the whole fegatinis and asunder and to end cooking the Sapa.

Breasts of chicken with pumpkin and Sapa:

ingredients: ingredients: 3 breasts of chicken, 800 grs of pumpkin, 1 spoon of butter, 1 spoon of oil extra vergine of olive, 3 spoons of Sapa. To cut the breasts of chicken to bits and the pumpkin to dadini; to brown them in the oil and butter with some leaf of sage, to half cooking to add the Sapa and to end of to cook.

Roast of pig to the Sapa:
Cooked ham to the oven to the Sapa:
Rognoncini of calf to the Sapa:
Scaloppine of calf to the Sapa:
Flavored partridges roast with Sapa:

to season and to cook the meat as custom to add some teaspoon of Sapa to end cooking.


Beans to the Sapa:

to boil gr. 500 of beans, to drain them and to season them with a prepared sauce with oil extra vergine of olive, vinegar, Sapa, salt and pepper.

Carrots to the Sapa: ingredients:

carrots gr. 1200, butter gr. 40, Sapa .2 spoons, minced parsley. To cook the carrots covered of salty water slightly, to unite the Sapa and the butter to leave to cook to vivacious fire adding the parsley to end cooking.

Sauce for pinzimonio, artichokes read, asparaguses, vegetables to the grate:

to mix oil extra vergine of olive, salt, pepper, some leaf of parsley and a shade of garlic with some teaspoons of Sapa.

To try to use the Sapa also on:

  • Roasted Polenta or fried seasoned with Sapa.

  • Fruit salad of seasoned fresh fruit with juice of lemon and drops of Sapa.

  • Sherbet of correct lemon with Sapa.

  • Ricotta of seasoned sheep with fruits of wood and Sapa.

  • Granulated to the Sapa.

  • Energetic drink with mineral water and Sapa.

  • Short pears to the Sapa.

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