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Products: Black truffles; Cereals & Legumes; Cheeses; Gift wrapping; Beer; Honeys; Liqueurs Jams; Mustards; Onions; Oven baked; Oil & Vinegar; Pasta & Bread; Sauces; Salamis; Wild boar; White truffles; Wines; Others specialty; Verify cart; Transport Rates

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Cereals & Legumes
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White truffles
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salse e salsine in olio extravergine di oliva

Sauces in extra virgin olive oil ready  to season pasta or bruschette


pasta tipica umbra strangozzi

The strangozzi with are a first dish for the men¨ of the great occasions


cereali legumi tipici umbri

Cereals and legumes from natural crops of the Umbria's countries


tartufo bianco Tuber Magnatum Pico

White truffles or black truffles, fresh or preser- ved, on your table every day, all the year


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Black truffles
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Wild boar
(17 products)

formaggi tipici umbri

Pecorino matured in pit, cheese with truffle, goat's cheeses and other...

tartufo nero Tuber Melanosporum Vitt

White truffles or black truffles, fresh or preserved, on your table in 24 hour

salumi tipici della tradizione norcina


Salami of swine meat naturally seasoned accor- ding to Umbria's tradition

The salami of wild boar to the same price of the salami of swine

Vegetables in oil
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A tasty ready contour or an useful ingredient to enrich recipes or appetizers.

mostarde di vegetali o frutta per formaggi e carni
A rich assortment of mustards of fruit or vegetables, ideal to serve with meats or with various types of cheeses

miele monoflora e miele con frutta

Honeys mono flora and biological


marmellate biologiche e senza zucchero

jams without addition of sugar


Olive oil
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Oven baked
(15 products)
(18 products)
Handicraft beer and liqueurs (10 products)

olio extra vergine di oliva e aceto balsamico

Extra virgin olive oil Umbria D.O.P., biological, pressed to cold


dolci tradizionali umbri

Simple but ideal sweets to taste with some good vinsanto 


vini doc umbri e vini biologici

The appreciate reserves of Umbria's wines and good biological wines



Traditional handicraft liqueurs of herbs and beers to high fermentation, produced in Umbria.


confezioni regalo personali e ziendali Gift wrapping
(15 products)

Gift wrapping ready to be delivered to your friends

specialitÓ nazionali

Altre specialitÓ
(46 articoli)

You can also order some of the specialties national and international presents in our assortment

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