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Umbrian cheeses are made with milk from sheep raised in the fields of Umbria which, upon the arrival of summer, is completely in blossom with tarassaco, mint, santoreggia and thyme: fragrances that combine to form an extraordinary sweetness in the pecorino cheese.

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You will be surprised to see how good cheese is when 
served with pears

Arrange on a plate 4 small, well-ripened pears, sliced in quarters. Mix 250 grams of pecorino di fossa cheese, cut in small flakes, with some pieces of walnuts. Season with a few drops of Sapa wine sauce over the cheese and crumble a small piece of cinnamon stick. Place the mixture over the pears and serve with vinsanto wine on the side.

Salad with fresh pecorino cheese

Ingredients: 2 tender zuchini 350 grams of pecorino cheese, only slightly aged 1 tomato extra-virgin olive oil salt pepper lemon juice Directions (for 4 servings): Cut the zucchini into thin slices. Cut the tomato into pieces, and cut the cheese into long slivers resembling a stick. Combine these with the other ingredients which have been crushed in a bowl, and gently mix everything. It is now ready to serve.

Shepherd's antipasto

Ingredients: 300 grams of dry ricotta cheese from Norcia, Umbria 50 grams of black truffles, sliced extra-virgin olive oil lemon pepper Directions (for 4 servings): Cut the ricotta into flake-like pieces and arrange them on a plate. Sprinkle the truffle slices over the ricotta, and then season it all with oil, pepper and a few drops of lemon.

Honey Sheep's milk cheese

Two ways of tasting honey and sheep's milk cheese in an original and tasty marriage. 1) Cut the cheese in slices 1 cm thick, grill than shortly and serve each one with a tea spoon of acacia honey. 2) Cut the cheese in chips and put it in a plate, serve it with acacia honey. Both recipes are to be served with Montefalco "passito" Sagrantino wine.

Truffled cheese slices of bread

For 6 people: 12 half slices of home-made bread, gr. 300 of truffled cheese, one clove of garlic. Cover the half slices of bread (should you like it, rub them with garlic) with the cheese cut in thin slices or chopped, put in the oven for  5 mins, or till the truffled cheese will completely melt. Serve as hors d’oeuvre before "Strangozzi" seasoned with truffle sauce.

Scamorza to the oven

Very simple but tasty recipe. For 6 people: 3 Scamorza (white or smoked) gr. 300 each, a little black pepper, some slices of home-made bread. Take care that the oven or the grill be very hot. Put the whole Scamorza in the oven or on the grill, each one in a small aluminium basin and let them heat for 15 mins, then cut them in 2 parts, sprinkle them with black pepper and serve hot on slices of bread.

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