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The sauce piccantina and the sauce of pulp of olives, the sauce of mushrooms with porky and the sauce rucolina, are essential in the preparation of croutons for the appetizer, to season the pasta or to accompany meats and boiled fishes, meats and cheeses. To try on the nice bruschetta. 

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Ham rosettes with balsamic sauce

A fast recipe to be served both as hors-d'œuvre or as second dish.
For 6 people: gr. 200 of Umbrian thin cut ham, one tea spoon of grape balsamic sauce, two spoons of extra-virgin olive oil, rocket, chips of sweet classic sheep's milk cheese. Rub a chopping boars with clove of garlic, set on it four slices of ham close to each other and place the others on, pour oil and balsamic sauce. Make rolls with the slices of ham and let them rest few minutes, than cut them obliquely in order to obtain rosettes which are to be served enriched with rocket and chips of cheese.

Wild boar and sheep's milk cheese skewers

For 6 people: six wild boar sausages, gr. 200 of sheep's milk classic cheese, six gherkins pickles, some small onion pickles, some small cubes of bread, two eggs, two big potatoes. Cut the potatoes in two parts and cover them with tin-foil, prepare the skewers alternating pieces of sausages, bread, cheese, gherkins, onion, bread. Beat the eggs and pass the skewers in than skewer the potatoes which will work as abase both in the oven or on the table, put in the oven at low temperature for 15 minuts, serve warm.

Cooked ham and white truffle sandwiches

Ingredients for 6 people: 12 slices of bread cut in triangles, three slices of cooked ham, eight anchovies, gr. 100 of butter, gr. 50 of white truffles (sliced or purée), some drops of lemon suice. Procedure: make the butter melt, add the lemon suice, the minced anchovies and the truffles. Mix well in order to obtain a fine cream, then spread it on six slices of bread. Cut the slices of ham in traingles and them on each slice of bread and cover
with the bread left. Delicious!!!

Paté of fegatini and maghetti of chicken 

The paté "with the regaglie" it never misses in the typical appetizer umbro, it uses on thin slices of toasted common bread, accompanied by vegetables sott'olio, slices of salamis and other vegetable croutons.

Truffled sauce

A crouton prince in the appetizers, to serve on thin slices of toasted common bread, studded with a slice of truffle. it is also ideal to season the first dishes: to put some sauce on the pasta or the rice boiled and to add extra virgin olive oil and scraped cheese.

Pulp of green or black olives sauce

This sauce finds its best employment in the enrichment of every juice or seasoning where is present the extra virgin olive oil, it is excellent also served above a slice of common bread toasted decorated with half olives boned of the same color of the used sauce.

Rucola sauce

Sauce produced for having served together with the meats or boiled potatoes, finds also a good use as seasoning of the first dishes. You uses alone or accompanied by some drop of extra virgin olive oil. To also try on the croutons.

Piccantina umbra sauce

It is a good spicy seasoning for the first dishes, is enough to add an of it few to the rice or to the boiled spaghetti, to mix and to serve without adding other.


Artichokes and olives sauce

It is a suitable gastronomic preparation to prepare bruschette or croutons, is enough to smear above the slice of toasted common bread and to decorate with a leaf of parsley.

Boscaiola with porcini

This preparation is useful to season the first dishes, to prepare bruschette or croutons (decorated with a leaf of parsley), to accompany boiled meats or roast, to prepare savory omelets. You uses alone or with some extra virgin olive oil.

Olive with orange

The arancioses olives are not a sauce but in the appetizers, together with the dry tomatoes and to some porcini mushrooms whole, they are always present next to the prepared croutons with the typical Umbria sauces. The black olives, made to fade and seasoned with peel of orange tree, seeds of fennel, extra virgin olive oil, salt and a perfume of garlic, are an excellent contour to a dish of salami.

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